Delivery Information

Melody Sleep Delivery Information

Our Commitment to Your Convenience

At Melody Sleep, we prioritize your comfort not only through our products but also by ensuring a seamless delivery experience. We’ve partnered with uParcel, a leading delivery solution provider, to offer efficient and flexible delivery services tailored to your needs.


Free Same-Day Delivery

Place your order with Melody Sleep before 10 AM, Monday through Friday, and revel in the luxury of free same-day delivery right to your home. Orders received after 10 AM will be scheduled for delivery on the next day, except Sundays and public holidays. Alternatively, select a delivery time slot at your convenience.


Delivery Schedule

Our deliveries are carried out from 9am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, offering flexibility to fit your schedule. Please note, we do not offer delivery services on Sundays and public holidays.


Delivery Coverage

Melody Sleep delivers across Singapore, bringing comfort right to your doorstep. We cover the entirety of the island, except for the locations listed in the 'No-Go Zone' below. If you're not sure whether your address falls into these areas, just get in touch with us at, and we'll clarify it for you.



P.O. Boxes, Postal Locked Bag, Postal Window Delivery Service, VBOX, My Mail Box, My Singpost Box.


ALL offshore islands (example such as Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong, St John’s Island and Khusu Island)


ALL MINDEF/SAF (Singapore Armed Forced, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Republic of Singapore Navy) military area, army camp, air base, naval base, ammo base and store, ammo command and building. Including Gombak Base, Central Manpower Base, Defence Technology Tower B, Defence Technology Tower A, all DSO buildings, all DSTA buildings and offices, all FSD buildings and offices and all SID building and offices.


ALL MHA/SPF/SCDF/Singapore Prisons buildings such as New Phoenix Park, Special Operation Command, Coast Guard Brani Base, Home Team Academy, SCDF Training Academy, SCDF Nee Soon Camp, Woodlands Checkpoint, Tuas Checkpoint, Changi Prisons, Sembawang Prisons and Admiralty West Prisons.


All ports and port supporting buildings in Singapore including PSA Tanjong Pagar Terminal, PSA Pasir Panjang Terminal, PSA Keppel Terminal, PSA Brani Terminal, and Jurong Port.


All airports, air base and its supporting facilities such as Changi Airport, Seletar Airport, Seletar Aerospace Park, Airline House, ALPS area, SATS buildings and data buildings.


Facilities of Chemical Plants (such as Esso, Shell, Caltex, SPC), Data Centre, Engine Test Centre (such as SIA Engine Centre, Trend Engine Centre), Power Station and Shipyard natures.

Order Adjustments

Changed your mind or need to adjust your order? No worries! Contact us at for assistance.


Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

Melody Sleep, in collaboration with uParcel, ensures meticulous management of your orders from storage to delivery. Our inventory system, accessible through a provided link, allows for real-time monitoring and management of your orders, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Additional Information:

Storage: We offer up to 2 months of storage from your selected delivery date for maximum flexibility.

Return Management: For any returns or issues, we’re here to help with a dedicated return management service.


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