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Melody Sleep

Winter Hybrid Mattress

Winter Hybrid Mattress

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Frost Technology Our design effectively prevents overheating, ensuring a 6° cooler sleep throughout the night.
Precision Support™ The foam features 3 ergonomic zones for customized support and spinal alignment.

Winter Hybrid: The Ultimate Choice of Cool and Comfort

Discover the pinnacle of sleep innovation with the Winter Hybrid, our flagship model offering peak comfort and cooling in Singapore’s tropical climate:

  • Advanced Cooling: Experience the ultimate chill with our enhanced FrostWeave Cover and the upgraded ArcticVent™ Gel Foam, ensuring a cool touch from dusk to dawn.
  • Deluxe Comfort Foam & AirLux™ Plus: Premium foam embraces your body, augmented by exceptional airflow for a tranquil, cooler night's sleep.
  • Precision Support™ with 7 Zones: Meticulously crafted for optimal spinal alignment, it offers specialized support where your body needs it most.
  • Supreme Hybrid Comfort: A luxuriant fusion of high-response springs and sumptuous foam, delivering unparalleled support and indulgence.
  • Sustainable Elegance & Health-First Design: Consciously created with eco-friendly materials for a sleep that’s as responsibly luxurious as it is cozy and health-promoting.

Welcome to the next level of restful slumber with the Winter Hybrid, where elite cooling technology meets sumptuous comfort for sleep that rejuvenates.

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100-night risk-free trial Return with Ease
10-year warranty Quality Assurance
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Measurements & dimensions

Single– 91(W) x 190(L) x 35(H) CM
Super Single– 107(W) x 190(L) x 35(H) CM
Queen– 152(W) x 190(L) x 35(H) CM
King– 183(W) x 190(L) x 35(H) CM

Materials & Certifications

All polyurethane foams in Melody mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified, ensuring they are free from ozone-depleting chemicals and phthalates as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

These foams have undergone testing to confirm low VOC emissions, maintaining indoor air quality at a high standard (with emissions less than 0.5 parts per million).

Additionally, our mattress covers meet the OEKO-TEX® standard, which guarantees that every part of the product has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless to human health.

Free & Express Delivery

All products have free same-day delivery.


Our mattress intelligently adjusts to your weight, providing a custom firmness level between 6 and 7 on a 1-10 scale.

Perfectly balancing comfort with support, it's the preferred choice in Singapore and recommended by sleep experts for exceptional back alignment.

Experience tailored comfort that transforms your sleep into a rejuvenating journey every night.

100-Night Trial

We think the best way to know if a mattress is right for you is by sleeping on it, understanding it might take up to 30 nights for your body to adjust. That's why Melody offers a 100-night trial, completely free.

If you're not fully convinced within the first 30 nights and up to 100 nights, reach out to us at for an easy, full refund. Your comfort is our priority.

10-year warranty

Melody Sleep mattresses are crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Confident in the enduring quality of our products, we proudly offer a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting comfort and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications do Melody mattresses have?

All foams in Melody mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified, ensuring they are made without harmful chemicals like ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, and certain phthalates, and have low VOC emissions for better indoor air quality.

The mattress covers are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning every part of the mattress, including threads and accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and is safe for human health.

Do Melody mattresses sleep hot?

No. Melody mattresses are engineered for a cool sleep experience. We conduct thermal imaging and sweat tests to ensure a consistently cool and breezy feel throughout the night. Each mattress includes our AirLux™ cooling system, which utilizes perforated, breathable foam to mitigate heat, along with small holes to dispel hot air and body heat. 

For those who experience overheating at night, our Frost Hybrid mattress is an ideal choice. It features a cool FrostWeave Cover™ and VentFlow™ Cooling Gel Foam for ongoing heat regulation. Combined with our AirLux™ foam layers, it guarantees cool, comfortable sleep from the time you lie down to when you wake up.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress, such as the Melody Frost Hybrid, is a fusion of various materials like foam, latex, and pocket springs. Unlike traditional mattresses made from a single material, hybrids offer a more comprehensive sleep experience. They combine memory foam's softness and pressure relief with the supportive firmness, reduced motion transfer, and resilience found in latex and pocketed springs. These mattresses tend to be more robust and have longer lifespans compared to their traditional counterparts, making them a popular choice for a wide range of sleepers.

What makes Melody Winter Hybrid different from other brands?

The Melody Winter Hybrid is distinctively designed for Singapore's hot and humid weather. Its construction features the Frost Innovation system, which includes VentFlow™ Technology and a FrostWeave Cover, specifically engineered to provide a cooling effect throughout the night. This ensures that sleepers remain comfortable despite the tropical climate.

The mattress's materials and structure are optimized to counteract the heat and humidity typical of Singapore, offering a sleep experience that is both refreshingly cool and comfortably supportive.

Will Melody Winter Hybrid mattress sink in over time?

No. The Melody Winter Hybrid mattress is designed to maintain its shape and support over time. It utilizes high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to ensure durability and resistance to sinking. The combination of supportive foam layers and resilient springs in its hybrid design contributes to its long-lasting structure. Regular care and rotation can further enhance its lifespan and prevent uneven wear, ensuring a consistent and comfortable sleep surface for years.

How does the 100-night trial work?

The 100-night trial for the Melody Frost Hybrid mattress lets you experience it at home for up to 100 nights. It's recommended to sleep on it for a few weeks for your body to adjust. If not satisfied after 30 days and within the trial period, you can return it for a full refund, ensuring a risk-free purchase and satisfaction.

How do I return the mattress for a full refund?

To return your Melody mattress for a full refund, the process is straightforward.

Email us at with your (1) order number, (2) a photo of the mattress, and (3) your reason for the return.

Our customer support team will take care of the rest, arranging a pick-up from your home. Once we receive the returned mattress, the refund process will be initiated and should take between 7-14 days to be credited back to your original payment method.